Loading & securing a 15m timber crate


The crate was received “under hook” which means that the road transport – in this case an extendable semi trailer drove into the container terminal at the Port of Brisbane then directly onto the wharf and under the portainer crane.

Appropriate lifting equipment consisting of spreader bars and chains are attached to the portainer crane and passed under the cargo, the crate is market to indicate correct point for lifting – this ensures that the cargo is lifted level and in a safe manner without damage to the ship or cargo.

The crate is hoisted up by the portainer crane in the athwartships manner (transversely as against longitudinally ) owing to its length and what is termed cross travelled over the ship and lowered onto the allotted space in the ship’s cargo hold.

The crate is positioned across 7 x 40′ empty flat racks in the cargo hold and secured with 15 x 2,500 kg Thylacine International polyester ratchet load binders, in addition the ends of the crate are “tommed off” with timber dunnage.