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Marine Surveys

Our surveys are conducted onboard the arriving/departing vessels prior to loading/unloading in order to ascertain and document the arrival/departure condition, our attendance includes witness the rigging and correct use of the handling equipment utilised by the stevedores

Our surveys of marine craft include but not limited to Motor yachts – including super yachts arriving/departing onboard semi-submersible vessels, launches, tenders, RIB (zodiac), tugs, barges, floating pontoons, landing craft, boats on trailers, off shore race boats.

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Break Bulk

The term break bulk encompasses any cargo that cannot be packed/stuffed into a container, having said that a significant amount of cargo is broken down into smaller parts which are then packed into containers – either enclosed, open top or onto flat racks for shipment.

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Thylacine International conducts surveys on all types of containerised cargo including packing & securing of cargo for shipment, unpacking imported cargo , damaged contents, damage to containers during the transport cycle.

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