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Thylacine International are requested to attend vessels for a variety of reasons, including but not restricted to assisting the Master in the event of damage or potential damage to the vessel or cargo, providing support to the Master in the event of injury to a crew member or maintaining a presence onboard as Port Captain or superintendent during cargo operations.

In the event of adverse weather conditions being encountered during a voyage and the Master suspects damage may have been sustained either to the vessel or cargo he may note protest. The Note of Protest is a declaration under oath by the Master of the ship.

At the request of either the owners or charters we will attend onboard the vessel upon arrival as insurers correspondent (P&I etc) providing assistance and support to the Master in terms of ensuring all statutory requirements i.e. AMSA-(Australian Maritime Safety Authority) forms etc in relation to the recording & submission of relevant documentation is completed in a timely manner.

In the event of a Hazardous cargo spill (leakage) and a Hazmat (hazardous materials) response requiring the attendance of both QFES (Queensland Fire & Emergency Services) and statutory authorities we will provide experienced liaison on behalf of charters/cargo owners or ship owner.

It is vitally important to consider that the ignorance or deliberate non disclosure of the hazardous nature of these cargoes is an ongoing area of concern to the transportation community and can also attract heavy fines – so if shipper is not sure then they should direct those concerns to Thylacine International.

Additionally we will attend onboard the vessel to ascertain extent of damage and probable cause of leaking or damaged containers documenting and recording evidence in order to protect the interests of our client.

Attend during the discharge and unpack of damaged cargo as required in order to determine cause and document repack/cargo transfer etc.

Follow up attendance onboard is provided in order to confirm damage repairs have been completed to the required level of professionalism.

Attend Vessel

New container ship with a capacity of 11,800 TEU (twenty foot equivalent unit)

Bulk Carrier

General Cargo Ship

PCTC-Pure car truck carrier

Crude Oil Tanker

Gantry Crane Ship

Heavy Lift Ships

Ro Ro (roll on roll off) ships

Passenger ships

Attend Vessel