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Our aim is to present a user friendly interface which reflects our philosophy of providing expert professional advice and service in many aspects of marine transport logistics from manufacturer to end user with emphasis on containerised and break bulk cargoes.

The company is driven by providing on time solutions within an envelope of scrupulous international safety requirements to the shipment of various cargoes, be they containerised, break bulk or more complex, high value project cargoes requiring ongoing supervision during each stage of the transportation.

We know that every shipment, regardless of size or value, is a unique undertaking upon which we can focus our extensive expertise with a view to delivering a successful outcome to our valued client.

So with this in mind our website has been designed based on the extensive experience of our previous interactions with clients needing timely and economical solutions to many and varying needs; we know of, and understand, the issues that matter to you, the client.

The web site also includes an extensive catalogue of cargoes handled and a comprehensive list of associated services provided which we feel confident will convince you that Thylacine International has a solution to suit your requirements.

Our expertise has been gained from firsthand experience not only by sailing on ships that carry the cargo, but additionally by managing and developing stevedoring operations that load/unload the cargo and surveying all types of cargo for import & export; it is a suite of skills that ensures the protection of our clients’ interests.

As a consequence of our involvement in and experience gained during the rapid expansion of the Port of Brisbane we have been fortunate to cultivate healthy synergies with other key stakeholders in the cargo cycle most notably in the areas of stevedoring and transport. We know who to talk to on your behalf when it matters.

We do not take anything for granted and pride ourselves in advancing a policy of embracing technology and new skills to further enhance our company’s ability to provide a service that our clients may depend on now and into the future.

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