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Thylacine International provide a range of lashing equipment specifically designed to meet the rigors of cargo securing, our equipment has been manufactured to product standard AS/NZS4380/2001 and beyond.

The Thylacine International ratchet load binders are fitted with round handles resulting in less strain on the operators hand & wrist, all areas of the 9 m polyester strap which pass around the handle or hook have been fitted with additional chafe layer and triple stitched.

Our axel strap are manufactured from 100% polyester and measure 1,500 mm long 50 mm wide with triple layered and triple stitched eyes at each end.

The axel straps are best suited for securing cargo where access is restricted and damage may arise from the use of steel hooks.

In our experience clients are regularly charged for over dimensional cargo simply because the ratchet load binders protrude outside the parameters of the flat rack, the Thylacine International axel strap has been designed and manufactured to address this unnecessary cost.

The axel strap is designed to pass through the lashing points on the flat rack with the two eyes up over the edge and secured to a ratchet load binder and tensioned.

Thylacine International provides advice in relation to placement and suitability of cargo being prepared for export, our advice includes correct placement of the cargo onto a flat rack or into a container to ensure correct centre of gravity.

Correct centre of gravity is vitally important as an incorrectly balance load can result in damage to equipment when lifting and cause portainer cranes to cut out which on occasion has resulted in the cargo being rejected for shipment.

Prior to packing cargo a lashing plan may be provided to ensure securing of the cargo meets all international standards, Thylacine international provide skilled personnel and equipment to perform the task of cargo securing in accordance with said standards.

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Below are some examples of equipment and securing jobs: