Loading & securing rail carriages onboard ship


The rail carriages shown below were delivered to the ships side on heavy haulage trailers capable of extending and widening due to the weight and dimensions of the carriages.

Specially designed and fabricated lifting equipment was employed to lift the carriages from the road transport onto the ship, the lifting frames were rectangular shape with a counter lever arms at the bottom of the frame.

Once in position the lever arms were positioned under the longitudinal support beams on each side of the carriages and a locking pin inserted keeping the arms in place.

Each carriage was maneuvered into position and lowered with timber blocks attached, once in position each carriage was secured with 10 mm steel chain and ratchet load binders, steel pad eyes were welded onto the tank tops (floor of the ships hold) as addition point for securing.

The chains were positioned in such a manner as to provide both longitudinal and transverse securing in order to counteract the significant forces that are exerted on cargo by the movement of the vessel whilst at sea.