Motor yacht 25 metre discharge to Brisbane River


This particular yacht is one of the larger yachts handles by the portainer cranes at Fisherman Island, 25 metres and 55 tonnes, particular attention being paid to the rigging of the lifting gear and the positioning of the web straps under the hull.

Fortunately the yacht was loaded in the after most bay (right at the back of the ship) reducing the amount of crane travel, like most large pieces of cargo the less movement the less chance of any issues.

The positioning of the lifting straps is critical and the most time consuming as it has to be right otherwise the cargo will not be safe to lift.

Heavy duty spreader beams are attached to the portainer crane heavy lift hook then a combination of Polyester Endless Soft Round Slings, hooks, shackles and finally Polyester Heavy Duty Flat Webbing Slings which are passed under the yacht for lifting.

Once the lifting gear is positioned and everyone is in agreeance the weight is taken, a final check then the cargo is lifted clear of the deck and cross travelled over the stern of the ship and lowered into the water.

A mooring crew is usually in attendance and they board the yacht to start the engines and release the lifting gear, loading of a yacht to a ship is basically a reversal apart from the cradle which is secured to the hull and boat & cradle are lifted as one unit.