Packing & securing excavator


The correct positioning of cargo into a container or onto a flat rack is vitally important particularly in relation to centre of gravity.

In the event of incorrect positioning the flat rack or container may be compromised with excessive weight at one end, this occurrence can result in issues with machinery when lifting the cargo, if there is excessive weight at one end the limit switches on either the forklift of even the portainer crane at the time of loading may cut out resulting in the cargo not being loaded.

Additionally incorrect weight distribution may result in excessive weight being placed on individual lashings as the cargo is lifted in an unbalanced manner.

The machine featured below is a 26 tonne excavator, the bucket is positioned as close as practical to the machine in order to keep the weight centred and the boom as low as possible reducing height, timber gluts are positioned under the bucket as friction pads.

A combination of 10 mm G70 steel chains and ratchet load binders plus Thylacine International polyester straps & ratchet load binders were used to secure the cargo for shipment.