Securing aluminium barge to flat rack


The barge pictured below arrived by road transport from West Australia, just over 12 m in length and 3.7 m wide on a custom built trailer it was lifted from the low loader onto a 40′ flat rack for securing.

When position on the flat rack the trailer wheels (eight of them) protruded about 600 mm over each side of the flat rack, what is referred to as friction pads (usually rubber, timber or plywood) was placed between the aluminium trailer frame and the steel sides of the flat rack.

This as the name implies prevents friction and movement – metal on metal should be strictly avoided when packing, loading & securing any cargo for shipment as the cargo may shift during the voyage causing damage to not only the cargo but adjacent cargo and the ship.

Once in position the boat and trailer were secured to the flat rack utilising 11 x 2,500 kg Thylacine polyester web straps and ratchet load binders. The trailer dolly wheel was secured under the bow door.

Note the direction of the straps which are positioned in this manner to counteract not only longitudinal and transverse forces but vertical movement in the event of heavy pitching whilst the ship is at sea.